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From cows to canines! We are a growing family-run business with roots that began on a small dairy farm in the hills of Arkport, NY.

Aptly named Grand View Farm for its scenic location, the care we gave to our farm animals transcends to this day. While we no longer cater to cattle and horses, our inspiration also comes from being the proud owners of some very large breed dogs (Great Dane-St Bernard crosses). We wanted to create a safe place for pups of all sizes/backgrounds, and we found the best places to do that were right in front of us in our homes and tiny wooded paradises.  We value education, praise, patience, honesty, communication, and a healthy lifestyle (cleanliness, exercise in a low-stress country location, high quality products/foods).  We offer force free dog boarding, grooming, and daycare in Arkport and Springwater. We live on site and every dog we help care for becomes part of our family! 
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