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These are organizations/educational systems we are proud to be a part of and/or support firsthand. We are also insured/bonded!



National Dog Groomers Assoc. of America


Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming

Cornell University

Hornell Area Humane Society

Alfred State College

PetTech Inc

Center for Community Education and Training at SUNY Alfred

Heroes for Healthy Pets


International Boarding & Pet Services Association



We encourage you to maintain a working relationship with your local veterinarian in order to keep your pet happy and healthy. One yearly visit is equivalent to us visiting our doctor every seven years, if you think about it in terms of dog years! Screenings and preventatives can save a lot of money, but most importantly they can save from heartbreak. Please contact us if you would like help networking for any pet services! We are happy to refer you to places that share in our core values.

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