Grand View Canine Care offers a variety of services that are tailored to your pet's needs.

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We strive to keep our pricing affordable so that everyone can get used to our processes and structure. We strongly believe in the positive effects of routine grooming and socialization. Our pricing for grooming is in the $50-$75 range for this reason. After the first visit, we will discuss if pricing needs to be increased based on the time that was spent. Typically cases that take the most time have matted hair (see matted dog form under "about us") or behavioral issues that can easily be remedied with routine care.  We are more than happy to work with extra large breed dogs and dogs with medical issues, and there are reasonable fees reflecting the extra time needed for this. 


In terms of boarding at this stage we have three extra large and twelve smaller runs, complete with heated floors in the winter and a/c in the summer! All dogs receive one on one attention and can often even be found lounging in our own homes. Our pricing is all inclusive at $15 for daycare (7am to 7 pm) and $30 per calendar day per dog for overnight, additional fees for special needs such as medicine. Everyone gets at least three walks a day on our trails through the woods, various enrichment activities, and supervised playtimes in our fenced in yard. We are happy to discuss our work in offering you and your furbabies a "kennel alternative." We kindly ask for a $5 per family per day cancellation (This fee does go towards our foster dog fund.). Forms can be found under "about us" on this page. We will do our best to accommodate last minute needs, but please understand that we will not put the animals entrusted in our care at risk by overbooking (7  to 1 dog to staff ratio). We work to remain a smaller, positive reinforcement only, and stress free environment. We can provide numerous references, reviews, and educational highlights!


Paws up for our beautiful facility!

Many times when folks visit our website they tell me they had trouble finding pictures of the runs where the dogs stay.  That's because quite frankly...they aren't in the runs a whole lot! There's a reason why we refer to ourselves as a "kennel alternative." Everyone gets tucked in at night or for daytime siestas in spacious, comfortable, private indoor/outdoor runs but throughout the day we keep everyone quite active.  Often you will find dogs hanging out up front with us too as we work on paperwork.  We have even brought them into our own homes! We're proud of our building...but we are even prouder of the individual care we give to every single dog we meet!

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